Leidingenbrug watervoorziening Eisden

TCS participates in water supply!

Last week, the new water supply bridge manufactured by TCS was transported from Lanklaar to Eisden via the Zuid-Willemsvaart. This water supply bridge provides 60% of the drinking water for all of Central Limburg! Good for no less than 17 billion liters per year!

The 80T [all-in] bridge with a span of no less than 60 meters, was manufactured at our plant in Houthalen from 8 separate steel trusses clad on both sides with Corten steel slats. Assembly took place in Lanklaar, a good 2 km from where the bridge was assembled last Tuesday. Active in the steel sector, yes, but TCS is and remains flexible to provide you and your company with the best, most flexible solutions! 

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