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“Remove my burdens, then we’re in business”

New workshop for insect screen producer Feneko
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Feneko is a Brussels-based producer of alloy insect screens and doors. The company grew steadily in the last decade and has just built an additional 3,300 m² workshop to increase its capacity. “I commissioned TCS to do the work because I knew they would manage the project from start to finish, no burden for me whatsoever,” says Director Frank Nees.

Nees started Feneko in 1995 as a tiny one-man business producing insect screens in his father’s garage. Today, the company is a sizeable SME with sixty-five full-time employees plus about thirty interim workers in the busy summer season. Since 2003, the production facilities have been located in Neder-Over-Heembeek in the northern outskirts of Brussels (Belgium), where Nees has built four workshops and an office building. All of the buildings have the same trademark ultramarine façade, even though they were conceived and constructed by different contractors.


Stick to what’s essential

Frank Nees’ criteria in choosing contractors are pretty clear. “Even though I manage a fairly large company, I enjoy having a lot of spare time,” he explains. “For this reason, I learned very early on to be super efficient and stick to what’s essential in my business. I don’t want to take any problem home. To contractors I say: if you are willing to remove all my burdens, we’re in business. And that’s exactly what TCS promised to do.”

Turnkey projects_Production units_Feneko

Due to subsoil pollution, it was impossible to dispose of any excavated soil

No need to meddle

Nees was extremely satisfied with the project approach. “I didn’t have to meddle in the construction affairs at all. For example, the workshop had to be built on polluted subsoil, meaning it was impossible to dispose of any dug up soil. TCS made a preliminary study to ensure that all the excavated soil could be used elsewhere on the site. And that’s what they managed to do, so no worries for me. They were also very strict in adhering to the project schedule, which is rather uncommon in the construction business. They started building in the cold winter days of January and finished the project just six months later. Quite an achievement, I must say.”


  • 142 tonnes steel
  • Building 24.7 m x 84 m x 8 m (edge of roof height) = 2074.8 m²
  • Building 28.9 m x 41.86 m x 7 m (edge of roof height) = 1208.89 m²

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